Phonemic Synthesis Therapy Kit

Phonemic Synthesis Therapy Kit

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Designed as a diagnostic and therapeutic package to identify and evaluate phonemic synthesis difficulties. View Details for complete information.


Many children suffer from less than adequate auditory skills, skills that involve analyzing, comparing, synthesizing, integrating, refining and storing information that they hear. Limitations in processing skills are often reflected in difficulties at home and in school. One of the most important skills related to learning and speech functions is phonemic synthesis. Phonemic synthesis is a complex auditory skill, a form of sound blending. Both sound blending and phonemic synthesis have been found to relate to articulation, language, spelling and reading behavior.
The PS Therapy Kit has been designed as a diagnostic and instructional (therapeutic) package to identify and evaluate phonemic synthesis difficulties and to provide highly motivational materials for remediation of the problem. It enables you to provide an invaluable service to individuals with speech, language, and learning disabilities.The program provides:
A sensitive and effective diagnostic tool;
An atmosphere conducive to learning;
Remediation materials that give initial success and progress in difficulty; and
A method of refining and improving the efficiency of a faulty auditory system.

Therapy Kit includes:
15 lessons and Phonemic Synthesis Test, Tester's Manual, Picture Book, 10 each Score/Response/Summary Forms